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Libeccio 31
Based on Angelo Sinisi's Snav design, a fast fishing boat with an overall length of 10,60 metres and top speed of 32 knots, is now the top of the range at Naples’ Cantiere Mimi Cantieri Mimi decided to build a boat that differed from those it had built previously, giving it a sleek hull to make it attractive to the widest possible client base, providing a boat that maintains the typical characteristics of a fishing boat, but also guarantees a cruising speed that is equal to that of motorboats of the same size.
Another peculiarity of the Libeccio is its width – 3,50 m – which is considerable compared to its length, providing unusually easy living for a 31 footer.



Libeccio 31
Μήκος: 10,60m Ιπποδύναμη, μεγ.: 2x300 HP
Πλάτος: 0Επιβάτες, μεγ.: 12
Ύψος: Ταχύτητα, μεγ.: 0
Βάρος: 7,000kg
Asthetically, the boat has all the characteristics of a traditional fishing boat, with the typical rounded stern and extensive use of timber. Walkways are wide and make it very easy to move around, as is the well deck, which allows all the space available to be used.
The boat yard has also thought about those that like sun tanning, by providing a spacious sun deck in the bow.
The roll bar, which is undoubtedly useful, gives the Libeccio a touch of modernness, highlighting the spirit with which Cantieri Mimi designed it.
The bridge is designed simply, but it is complete and has two operating positions - a double post for controlling the boat, and a single station alongside it.
As one goes between decks you find a decidedly spacious dinette, with a U-shaped divan that can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people.

On the port side there’s the kitchen counter, with sink and gas cooker, and the bathroom made entirely of wood and equipped with a shower.
The separate cabin in the bow has a divan, wardrobe, and double bed. The boat can sleep four people, due to the fact that the dinette turns into a double bed as well.
The boat is powered by two 300 HP inboard motors, which push the fishing boat along at speeds of up to 32 knots, guaranteeing a very respectable cruising speed.


Libeccio 31
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