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Libeccio 27

CAntieri Mimi offers the Libeccio 27, a fast fishing boat with an overall length of 9,60 metres, designed to combine the traditions of a boatyard that has been in the nautical business for 30 years, with the comfort and practicality offered by functional, innovative solutions.
This boat is made to satisfy demanding amateurs that are looking for safety, speed, and easy living. The extensive use of fine timber makes the Libeccio 27 more elegant, making it ideal for both day-trips, with its spacious well deck and open deck, and for longer trips since it offers significant accommodation as well as four comfortable berths.



Libeccio 27
Μήκος: 9,60m Ιπποδύναμη, μεγ.: 2x200 HP
Πλάτος: 0Επιβάτες, μεγ.: 0
Ύψος: Ταχύτητα, μεγ.: 0
Βάρος: 5,000kg
Between decks one is welcomed by a beautiful dinette to starboard (that turns into a double bed) and a kitchen unit opposite it with a refrigerator, cooker, and sink. The night time area is in the bow, and includes a double bed, spacious wardrobe, and various drawers. The fact that there are no doors or bulkheads between these two areas, creates a more comfortable area that feels more spacious. Naturally, it also has its bathroom, with a marine WC, shower cubicle and stainless steel washbasin.
The boat is powered by two 200 HP engines, which allow the boat to reach a top speed of 28 knots.


Libeccio 27
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