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The efficiency of the hull, the suitability of the materials used, and compliance with the strictest construction norms in force make the Cabin 24 a safe. Reliable boat, even when the sea conditions are not at their best.

The Cabin 24 was designed in collaboration with Eng Luigi Prete, and is a cabin cruiser, 7,30 m long and 2,50 m wide overall, which means that it does not have to be registered. It has a self-emptying hull with an aerodynamic cowling made of fibreglass, with Coremat reinforcing and Thermit, as well as a fibreglass grid to reinforce the hull. It has a 150 to 260 HP stern drive engine and can reach speeds of 30 to 45 knots. Among its many features, the Cabin 24 also has a spacious fibreglass stern platform with a fold-away ladder to facilitate re-boarding from the sea, a spacious sundeck at the stern

From which access is gained to the engine space, a recessed winch, roll bar with navigation lights, shower with a 60 litre water tank, and a 200 to 300 litre fuel tank. In addition to the excellent internal finishes, as you enters the cabin you see a double bed, wardrobe and a separate WC compartment with an electric WC.



Μήκος: 7,50m Ιπποδύναμη, μεγ.: SD 150-260 HP
Πλάτος: 2,50mΕπιβάτες, μεγ.: 7
Ύψος: Ταχύτητα, μεγ.: 0
Βάρος: 1700kg
  • complete set of cushions
  • separate cabin with electric wc
  • double bed
  • wardrobe and divan in the cabin
  • recessed electric winch
  • roll bar with navigation lights
  • stern platform with fold-away ladder
  • shower with 60 lit water tank
  • single ring gas cooker
  • sink with autoclave
  • and electric refrigerator


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