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Fisherman 19
The Fisherman 19 is a versatile pleasure boat that can be transported on a trailer, designed for both sports fishing and pleasure boating. In fact, while the layout of the spaces on board, the seat in the stern, and the spacious holds make it possible to easily carry out all the activities involved in fishing, it can also provide two spacious sun decks, a table, and everything else you need to ensure comfortable pleasure boating.
It is made of fibreglass using the finest construction techniques, and the hull shape is designed to provide the best combination of speed, sea handling, and fuel economy.



Fisherman 19
Πλάτος: 2,10mΕπιβάτες, μεγ.: 6
Ύψος: Ταχύτητα, μεγ.: 0
Βάρος: 700kg
  • complete set of cushions for forward sun deck
  • divan in the stern
  • fold-away table at the bow under the sun deck
  • central pilot’s console with hold for miscellaneous items
  • steel and timber wheel, single cable rudder instrument dashboard with windshield and wheel house trim with griping handles
  • central pilot’s seat
  • padded seats with storage hold
  • two spacious holds at the bow with hatches and stern hold
  • forward pulpit and steel stern rails
  • bow ladder with twin fibreglass platforms
  • side pockets with timber stringers for paddles and crew equipment, and other items
  • bow nosepiece and anchor locker
  • reinforced PVC fender
  • set of regulatory navigation lights
  • electrical system for various features with control panel
  • mooring bollards and holding or towing hook.
  • sun awning
  • bilge pump
  • water tank for shower system with autoclave
  • fuel tank with level indicator


Fisherman 19
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